You are invited to an upcoming Functional Medicine DISCOVERY DAY.

Clinical Excellence with Better Patient Outcomes
With a focus on a handful of specific niche conditions, you get to the true cause...
Bigger Population of New Patients to Serve
There is an epidemic in the US as these conditions are growing rapidly...
CASH-Based Practice Model with NO INSURANCE
Patients are actually  demanding these services, rather than you 'selling' them...
Be Apprenticed on the EXACT TOOLS to Correct the Problem
We teach and mentor you on EVERY aspect, regardless of your experience...

Orange County, CA 
February 24th

Las Vegas, NV  
April 21st

Dallas, TX 
Aug 19th

Scottsdale, AZ 
Nov 10th

Denver, CO - Open Dates - - These are one-on-one tours and discovery inside of a LIVE clinic
You're Invited.

Join us for the day event to explore the In’s and Out’s of how to quickly build an extremely profitable Functional Medicine cash practice.

Our time-tested, proven, and complete system (protocols, EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE Marketing, office systems, everything) is EASY TO IMPLEMENT will provide you with a new and wildly successful profit will also allow you to reach more patients - helping them get off (or greatly reduce their use of) dangerous and side-effect laden drugs...

This is not about profiting - it is first and foremost about delivering a VERY IMPACTFUL SERVICE…and then being REIMBURSED HANDSOMELY for your unique service.

During our event we will be disclosing the secrets to our clinical approach and our innovative marketing techniques (this marketing is ALL the marketing you will need to pull in 100’s of patients), as well as why we created a geographic area-exclusivity for the doctors implementing our system. 

Many doctors may know functional medicine protocols or have dabbled with nutrition…however they have had little to no success because they lack one CRUCIAL ELEMENT: the marketing.  Well, good news!…we have MASTERED THE MARKETING…Period!

You will also leave the Discovery Day and Workshop with what we call "actionable intelligence" on what to do first thing Monday morning to launch your new profit center.

As an invitee there is no charge for this event. You are welcome to bring ONE additional guest with you, just be sure to let us know in advance (because we always provide a fantastic lunch).  OUR IRONCLAD PROMISE: If you feel that you did not learn anything at the Discovery Day that you could apply and use in your practice —> we will reimburse you up to $500 for your airline tickets!

Fill out the registration form to set aside your seat.  One of our staff will call to confirm your reservation as well as assist with travel details.  We look forward to working with you to revolutionize your chiropractic practice!

Want To Learn More?

This is a CASH PRACTICE model that incorporates Very Specific nutritional protocols to address some wide-spread diseases in the United YOUR TOWN.

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